Explain the functional differences between a regulatory agency, such as a board of nursing (BRN), and a professional nursing organization (PNO) as it pertains to your professional nursing practice

A. Explain the functional differences between a regulatory agency, such as a board of nursing (BRN), and a professional nursing organization (PNO) as it pertains to your professional nursing practice.

B. Discuss two examples of how provisions from a nursing code of ethics influence your practice.
– please include but reword it nicely.
1. the nurse primary commitment is to the patient whether, an individual, family,group or community.
Growing up in a family of nurses . I’ve seen first hand, how my relatives of nurses dedicates themselves in their chosen fields. They do volunteer works and free medical check ups with Doctors in poor rural areas.

2. The nurse promotes, advocates for and strives to protect the health, safety and rights of the patients.
– as a nurse it is very important to prioritize safety and protect their rights. We have to make sure that our pt got best care possible and that their families are always well informed. However we sometimes get into arguments with them because of certain misunderstanding that may lead to unnecessary tension.
I had a pt that doesn’t want to share information to her son. She specifically told me to only give information to her daughter. Her son called and demanded to get an update regarding her moms condition. But because I respect her decision, I didn’t give him any info about her mom even though he said he will get me fired.

C. Discuss four professional traits from the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics (web link provided below) you will bring to an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.
-there’s only four traits, make own example thank you

D. Identify a nursing theory that has influenced your professional practice.
1. Explain how this theory fits your professional practice.
* feel free to reword it ?
-transcultural nursing by Madeleine leininger.
According to Madeleine, we provide care congruent with cultural practices, beliefs and values. Nurses everyday’s workflow consist of dealing with patient that has different cultures and beliefs. I believe it is our responsibilities as a nurse to familiarize with this cultures and beliefs and treat them accordingly and avoid racial and ethnic disparities.

E. Discuss how the contributions of one historical nursing figure have impacted your professional nursing practice, including modern-day application.
– Florence nightingale the founder of nursing.
She puts the constitution in such a state as that it will have no disease. It is always my mindset as a nurse to work as clean as I possibly can for my patient and myself to be safe and free of infection, and it starts with clean environment.
F. Discuss a scenario in which you, as a nurse, safeguarded two of the following principles for the patient: please reword it. Thank you
• Beneficence
• Nonmaleficence
• Respect for autonomy

– one scenario is when my patient told me that he is concern about his surgery the next day. He felt like, the doctor is rushing him and cannot understand some of the MD explanation because of him not able to fully speak and understand English.

I explained to him that it is his rights and will request for the Doctor to come In and talk to him again over a phone interpreter. MD thank me afterwards and also my patient was very thankful.
• Justice
– treat other equitably.

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