Explain the specific security challenges encountered in the port maritime environment and discuss risk-based management.

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1. Explain the specific security challenges encountered in the port maritime environment and discuss risk-based management.

2. Discuss the Megaports Initiative.

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One of the many security challenges in the port maritime environment is the potential for chemical weapons that are difficult to detect. There has been some significant lag when it comes to implementing new technology in ports, and this creates a specific vulnerability. It gives people who want to do harm the ability to do so in some cases because the technology is not in place to identify certain kinds of biological and chemical weapons. This is a problem that many ports have tried to address with limited success. In addition to the lagging technology involved, the overall scope of what ports are being asked to do is a challenge. The sheer volume of traffic within and the huge number of moving parts makes it difficult for ports to assess and monitor everything. In order to ensure some semblance of security, all the moving parts must work together in a reasonably efficient manner.

In terms of risk-based management, ports managers and decision-makers have to make good decisions on where to allocate their resources. Risk-based management involves spending more money to design ports that are likely to yield the right results. The problem, of course, is that ports are already built, and companies are trying to retrofit them. This makes risk-based management a greater challenge for those who are in charge of designing ports and operating them.

The Megaports Initiative is all about bringing countries together to make everyone better able to spot nuclear problems before they become massive problems. The issue is getting all countries on the same page. Countries have different budgets and different levels of competency when it comes to port management. Requiring them all to have the same standards can be a challenge when there is such a wildly disparate environment among different nations.

The Secure Freight Initiative attempts to be non-invasive. It tries to walk the middle line between security and allowing business to flow and prosper. The problem is that the radiation technology is not always success in detection. It has some holes, mostly because it is trying to accomplish more than just security in allowing companies to have freedom of movement of their goods.



When it comes to protecting the nations ports, a seemingly simple task becomes a huge, daunting one. Goods and materials entering the ports seems to happen in a contained and small area, there are thousands upon thousands of goods and numerous workers all in one location. The shear number of things that need to be searched and secured is amazing. Each ship entering the port has hundreds of containers and each of those containers is packed with materials that must be checked for potentially hazards materials. It is not an easy task for the security services hired to monitor the ports to check every single container with hundreds of ships taking port every few hours. As a result, ports must utilize all their resources to maintain the safety and security of the people not only working at the ports, but also the cities and town to which all those materials and goods travel.

To assist with the security of the ports, these services rely on extra help with monitoring the ships and their contents. At this point, the megaport initiative comes into play. In this initiative, ports in the United States partner and place their trust in partnering nations and their security to assist in shipment. Sister nations monitor their ports and report any suspicious activity or potentially dangerous ships to their destination ports. This communication gives destination ports warning to an “at risk” ship. Once the ship is identified and docked at the port, a more thorough examination of the ship, its workers and their content can be examined.

This type of partnership allows for better security and builds trust among nations when it comes to combating terrorism. The purpose of this initiative is to acknowledge the fact that no one nation can monitor every thing at all of their ports at all times. The shear manpower, number of hours and the technology it would take to handle such a large scale operation is unfathomable. Therefore it becomes imperative to trust others in the fight on terrorism because we are, in fact, working towards a very similar goal- protecting our nations from acts of terror and keeping the citizens of our country face.

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