. Export the new results to a second csv file, and include “_improvement” in the file name.

This needs to be done in Python and I need the code by end of day April 1st 2018 10 pm EST


Predicting a Stock Price Using a Genetic Algorithm [1] Forecast Tesla Motors stock price for the next 24 months using the Meyer Packard Algorithm. Download data from an appropriate financial website such as Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Quandl, CityFALCON, or another similar source using R or Python. Your code should be in a script file, and your output should be exported to a csv file. [2] Identify ways of improving the simplified version of Meyer Packard Algorithm from the downloaded data. Articulate those improvements, and add them to your program. Your improvements should be in the script file. Mark it as “2 Improvement” and make sure it is indicated as such when submitted. Export the new results to a second csv file, and include “_improvement” in the file name.


You are a data scientist working at corporation ‘xyz’, you want to predict whether users will sign up for a subscription based service. You are to see if an online application and see if users sign up for the trial and use the site for a certain number of days, after which they can upgrade to a basic or premium service. As users sign up for the free trial, information about them is collected, and at the end of the trial, the site owners note which users chose to become paying customers.

To minimize noise, the site collects some key information, 1) The site that referred them. 2) geographical location, how many page views, and service chosen.

Using the starter code in the final project document, build a tree and print it out.

Submit the following  information to your instructor:

· Tree

· Code

· Comments / Analysis


Answer for the following



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