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Please respond to the following: The discussion questions given please produce 200 words about each numbered question. please place answers under each bullet point. In Addition a response must be given back (100 words) to the other students Patricia Fleary and Barbara Tallent. offering a substantive comment on that classmate’s position on the issue(s).

Feeding the World

As Hite and Seitz (2016) show in Chapter 3: Food, there is enough food produced and available to feed the entire world every day. However, for various reasons, millions still go hungry, making food security—having consistent access to adequate nutritional food—a persistent global social problem in both developing and developed countries.

1. Where do most of the world’s hungry live?

2. What are two causes of hunger and two problems that result?

2. What are some potential consequences and benefits to using biotechnologies in developing countries?

3. Based on the research currently available, should developing countries pursue the use of biotechnologies? Why or why not?

Patricia Fleary

The Millennium Development Goals according to Hite and Seitz, were created to provide countries, support through partnership of developing countries. The first goal was to eradicate extreme poverty in the world.

The population is still growing in Haiti despite the growth of poverty, the world’s poorest regions looking at the graft. The countries which has the least reduction and extreme hunger is South eastern China with 94%, then South Eastern Asia with 84%, and also Northern Africa with 81% least reduction, and Caucaous central Asia with 77 %.

Countries with the greatest reduction in extreme hunger according to the graph are Northern Africa Sub-Saharan Africa with 28% the greatest reduction rate, then Western Asia which a 46% greatest reduction rate and southern Asia 66%. South Asia (excluding India) with a 73% greatest reduction rate. These graph shows that the extreme poverty rate has drop sigficantly in the developing countries between 1900-2015.

The factors which contributes to the uneven progress in these countries came in 2011 1 billion lived in extreme poverty because measures of poverty on income and consumption mostly women and girls it stated that women are more likely to live in poverty, because women gets less paid than men. They have limited access to purchase land or property. Women are more likely to be deprive in arears of wellbeing, such as education and limited access to assets. It’s stated that women face a greater risk of living in poverty in 41 out of 75 countries. Employment was not expanding fast enough to keep up with the growing labor force. According to international labor organization more than 204 million people were unemployed in 2015 Employment rate had fallen, underweight children and hunger, all contributes to the uneven progress.

The world leaders who gathered at the United Nation to shape a broad vision to fight poverty and this vision was translated into eight Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) also believe that they can put an end to poverty, leaving no one behind and create a world of dignity for all.

Some of the possible strategies for creating more progress in these countries according to the (MDG’s) is (1) to get rid of extreme poverty. (2) To achieve universal Primary education. (3) To promote gender equality and empower more women by giving them equal pay as men. (4). To reduce child morality by vaccinating the children (5) Improve maternity health for pregnant mothers. ( 6) To combat Hiv/Aids malaria and other dieses (7) ensuring a environment such as clean water and eliminating greenhouses gases such as fossil fluids, increase global emission of carbon dioxide. (8) Develop of global partnership for development (export revenue in developing countries)

Barbara Tallent

Hello Class,

Eastern Asia (China) dropped a whopping 94% then South Eastern Asia at 84% then Northern Africa at 81% decrease.

What factors contribute to this uneven progress? The households of woman are the head of the households live in higher poverty and or extreme poverty. Women in impoverished areas lack education, low earnings, and lack of assets such as land, homes, farms, and anything that can be of a value. The men in these same area’s women/girls are not treated equally as a man/male child. As with everything in life there is always multiple causes as to why things are this way. We know from history government in developing nations or at least some of the poorest the government tends to steal from the people. The next urban/suburban people have more jobs and education simply from where they live; while rural people twenty-five miles or more from anywhere do not have the choice of jobs or schools (thepoint,2016).

A scenario may be a woman with seven children widowed on a farm, ox to plow the fields do not own transport to travel and cannot read or write.

Strategies to overcome poor distribution of wealth.

The main source of funds is the nations government from trade, corporations, business, tourism, permits and taxes. All government should have a transparency of all incoming and outgoing funds; while creating debt ceilings to run the nation. Incorporating more educational endeavors to combat illiteracy funds to build schools off season from harvesting. Building communities/villages and combating militants from federal and local police. Creating water lines from underground pipes clean water for drinking, and water towers to store rainwater for agriculture needs. Finally, balance the inequality for females on jobs, education, voting, and pay.

The Point (January 18, 2016) Causes of Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa retrieved from http://thepoint.gm/africa/gambia/article/causes-of…

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