Final Assignment

Final Assignment
DUE: On iLearn in the “Assignments” tab by noon (12pm), Sunday, July 26.
Directions: Respond with a short answer to each question. Remember to include a balance of both the denotative and connotative of your discussion (1 or 2 paragraphs is fine). Each question is worth 20 points maximum.
1. Why does the author Stephen Mosher include both his memories of the Vietnam War (and Desert Storm) and analysis of post-September 11 intersections of music, patriotism, and sport? How and where do they all come together?
2. Why do you think symbols of patriotism are so often immersed in sporting events, especially professional ones? What are some of the rituals performed that reflect how these coincide?
3. Describe one poignant moment in world Olympic history of sporting competitions and discuss how it relates to any of the readings in this class. Please use quotes, paraphrasing, and/or summary as needed.
4. In looking at Oliver Mayer’s play, Blade to the Heat, analyze the ending – how is it like the real story, and how is it different? Discuss any significance you see in Mayer’s authorial choices at the end of the play.
5. Choose one of Gary Soto’s short stories and discuss what it offers to our discussions of sport, culture, race, class, gender, etc. How does this story (and the others, if you’d like to include them) broaden our definition of sport?

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