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August 14, 2020
wk 5 discussion different ways to traverse a tree due thurs wk 5 trees due mon wk 5 graphs due mon wk 5 team executive summary and final project due mon
August 14, 2020

final marketing plan assignment 1

Submit a 5 page final marketing plan paper. Your Marketing Plan should include a detailed explanation of your product and the needs it fills in the country you will select (other than the US). Discuss relevant market research (at least 3 references are needed). You will need to provide some charts to show market penetration and other significant demographic factors. Discuss your product development and product life cycles. How will you manufacture your product? Will it be assembled in the country you sell or delivered and stored? Are there transportation logistic issues to address for distribution? How does the product get to the market and to the customer? Discuss how this will be implemented. Discuss how you will measure success.–

APA format / At least 3 reference

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