Final Paper Detailed Instructions

Psychology 233: Child Development
Spring 2018
I. General Instructions
a. The final paper is due at the beginning of class on Thursday April 19th

b. The paper should be typed, double-spaced, text should be 12 pt font, and the margins (top, bottom, left, right) should be 1 inch.
i. All text should be 12 pt font.
ii. All text should be doublespaced.
c. The paper should be 12 – 14 pages long. This includes
i. Title Page (page 1)
ii. Abstract (page 2)
iii. Body of the Paper (9 to 11 pages total)
1. Introduction (1.5 to 2 pages)
2. Literature Review (5 to 7 pages)
3. Conclusion (2 to 3 pages)
iv. References (1 – 2 pages)
d. There is a word document in the Blackboard Course Content Folder called “Final Paper Format Example”

i. I made this a word document so you can begin with this document, replacing my text with your own.
ii. You would also need to delete the comments before submitting the final paper. The comments include specific instructions for different parts of the document
II. Title Page
a. In the center of the page (centered horizontally and vertically), you will include:
i. Title of your paper
ii. Student number
iii. Due Date
iv. Course number

b. In the Header Section at the top of the page there is a Running Head. The Running Head is an abbreviated version of your title
i. On the title page this begins with the words “Running Head:”
ii. Next comes your abbreviated title. This is limited to 50 characters total (including space) and all letters are capitalized
iii. This is on the left side of the header section (i.e., flush left)
c. In the Header Section at the top of the page there is also the page number
i. The title page is page 1
ii. You do not include the word “page” or “p.” – you only include the actual number
iii. This is on the right side of the header section (i.e., flush right)

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