find an online article that discusses a genetic technology 1

1) find an online article that discusses a genetic technology. This can be anything in which genetic material, testing or manipulation might be used. Make sure it is focused on genetics and not just a biotechnology. The article cannot be more than 3 years old and cannot come from a generic biology or genetic informational site like a Wikipedia. Preferably, it should be an article like you would find in a magazine or newspaper with an author and publication information.

2). Post a discussion here that includes 1) a link to the article, 2) a 2-3 paragraph summary of the article written in your words (i.e. don’t just copy parts of the article 3) a paragraph that addresses any possible ethical/safety/moral issues with genetic technology (come up with some possible issues if the article doesn’t address them) and 4) a statement of your personal opinion of the technology and some of your reasoning for this.…

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