focused biochemical connections

As you read, think about what you’ve learned so far in this course (or other college science courses) that helps you make sense of what is written.
Specifically, try to find biochemical connections between the articles. Obviously, the papers are related by a single topic, but try to think about other more focused biochemical connections or similarities between the articles.
Make sure you include some specific statement(s) and/or examples from these articles about Theme 1 from the course, how structure determines function.
You might find some help looking at the questions you answered for the first assignment. These may help you think about how to identify the key topics in each paper.
Your first paragraph should be an “overview” paragraph that summarizes the major themes of the papers you read. Your last paragraph should be a similar “summary” paragraph that re-states your major points about each paper and connections between the papers.
Please use APA style for in-text citations and bibliograhy information. Remember to use quotations and proper citations if you borrow words/ideas from these or other articles. Make sure to include the full reference information for all papers cited in a bibliography.
Your essay should be between 700-800 words and submitted as a .rtf, .doc or .docx.

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