Answer each forum on SEPERATE PAGES!!!! with minimum words indicated and proper citations. If directions are not followed you will not be paid!!!

FORUM 1- 250 words minimum

FORUM 2-250 words minimum

FORUM 3. 350 words minimum

381((250 word minimum)

Please read this week’s reading. In chapter 7 the author goes into the wastewater process very deeply. Please describe your understanding of the entire process and the way you think the process will be changed in the future.

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words.

352 (250 words minimum)

Briefly describe the role of the Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL). What advantages do 3PLs bring ? Are there any disadvantages to a company in outsourcing its logistics functions to a 3PL?

HLSS (350 words minimum)

Examine Vessel and Cargo Operations, the current terrorism threats to port maritime operations, Access Controls and Physical Security Issues in the Port Facility, and Safety and Emergency Management measures.

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