Franklin’s statement that his colleagues have ‘been very sparing in their applauses’ is a good example of what language device?, assignment help

The following questions are in reference to Benjamin Franklin’s “The Way to Wealth” which I have attached below.


Franklin’s statement that his colleagues have ‘been very sparing in their applauses’ is a good example of what language device?

a. hyperbole

b. distortion

c. evasion

d. understatement

e. pedantry


The purpose of the first paragraph is primarily to:

a. Establish the writer’s credibility.

b. Concede the a potential challenge to the assertion.

c. Establish a generalization about a given topic.

d. Compare opposing viewpoints on a selected topic.

e. Qualify a generalization made about a given topic.


The main reason the author cites the voice of others is:

a. To support an earlier assertion about his credibility.

b. To provide a humorous anecdotal interlude.

c. To reveal the speaker as someone genuinely interested in the writings.

d. To personalize an otherwise esoteric account.

e. To engage the reader in a lively conversation and the drama of the moment.


Which of the following paragraphs is NOT an encouragement to influence the government?

a. Paragraph 3

b. Paragraph 4

c. Paragraph 5

d. Paragraph 6

e. Paragraph 7


One prominent feature of Franklin’s aphorisms is:

a. rhyme

b. syllogism

c. metaphor

d. invective

e. humor


The primary purpose of paragraph 7 is to:

a. criticize the general public and arouse them in a call to action.

b. trivilialize the role that government plays in the lives of the people.

c. appeal to the nationalistic pride in helping the colonists prepare for a revolution three years later.

d. qualify an assertion made about the general nature of government earlier on.

e. compare the condition of the people with the condition of the government.


The ‘mouse’ referred to in paragraph 7 is most likely what or whom?

a. Poor Richard

b. Father Abraham

c. the common people

d. Ben Franklin himself

e. King George


How is the eighth paragraph related to the seventh?

a. It builds upon an idea presented earlier in the essay.

b. It illustrates a point made in the seventh paragraph.

c. It summarizes the more complicated notions presented earlier.

d. It warns the readers about the dangers presented earlier.

e. It challenges the reader to reconsider an earlier notion.


According to Poor Richard, what is the difference between a “life of leisure” and a “life of laziness”?

a. The life of leisure is without a sense of industry.

b. The life of laziness lacks moral integrity.

c. The life of laziness lacks a sense of industry

d. There is little difference between the two.

e. The use of free time is best determined by the profit margin.


Which of the following words best describes Franklin’s attitude towards his readers?

a. critical, with occasional moments of optimism.

b. pessimistic, with occasional moments of sarcasm.

c. excited, complemented by objective, grounded ideas.

d. neutral, in an effort to allow his readers to make an informed decision.

e. amused, given his decision to speak in witty aphorisms.


Which of the following is represented by the aphorism: “for want of a nail the shoe was lost”?

a. lack of trust in others’ care

b. lack of industry in completing a job when it is time

c. need for greater attention to the smallest detail.

d. need for greater faith in the higher powers

e. lack of respect for the master-servant relationship


The diction in this essay is best described as:

a. didactic

b. technical, filled with jargon

c. sermon-like, given the platitudinous quality

d. journalistic

e. pedantic


In this essay, Franklin makes all of the following assumptions about the common people EXCEPT

a. Most will blame others for their condition, unless otherwise educated.

b. Most view wealth as something unattainable.

c. Few, if any, can achieve wealth in the traditional definition of the word.

d. Few, if any, would heed the advice of Poor Richard without direct teaching.

e. Most are too trusting of others, whether they are in government or employment.


The tone of paragraph 16 is best described as

a. urgent

b. matter of fact

c. contemptuous

d. sarcastic

e. inspirational


What is the primary rhetorical purpose of the following passage from paragarph 18 : “…after all, do not depend too much upon your own industry, and fraugality, and prudence, thugh excellent things, fir they may all be blasted without the lbessing of heaven; and therefore, ask that blessing humbly”?

a. appeal to the authority of heaven and enhance his credibility

b. qualify the assertions made about earlier about industry

c. anticipate possible failures or objections to his path to wealth

d. refute the opposition of heretics in the audience

e. blend religion and science to form a more complete perspective

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