fsos 1201 human development in families myvirtuallife paper 2


Description. My Virtual Life consists of two different simulations, a child simulation (birth to age 18) and an adult simulation (18 to late adulthood). As you progress through the programs and encounter different age levels, you will read about events that occur. You will be asked to make decisions in response to questions or scenarios that present themselves in the lives of these two characters—in the first simulation, a child raised by the user-parent, and in the second simulation, the user-self in a simulated adult lifespan.

Your Tasks. You are required to complete both My Virtual Life simulations and a paper (choose one option).

  • Paper Option #1 by 11:59pm on Friday, July 19, 2019.
  • Paper Option #2 by 11:59pm on Friday, August 9, 2019.

Paper #2 (Adult Simulation) Guidelines. This paper will be 3 pages in length, single-spaced with 1-inch margins in 12-point Times New Roman font. The main text should be 2 single-spaced pages, which is approximately 1000 words. The third page will include a list of references cited. Students are expected to properly cite information that is not their own (e.g., textbook, peer-reviewed articles) using APAin-text citation and reference style.

For this paper, you will explore the development of your virtual adult self. You will write a reflective paper based on the integration of your virtual experiences and what you have learned in this course (from readings, discussions, videos, etc). Explore your virtual self’s experiences in regard to 1 theoretical framework and 2 additional topics such as marriage, school, work, identity, parenting, caretaking, mental health, cognitive, social, physical, or emotional development, or any other topics covered in the course. Once you select your theory and topics, you will relate them to your virtual self’s experiences. Your grade will be based on your ability to follow the directions for the paper, the quality of your writing, and your ability to link the experiences of your virtual self with course materials.

This paper is due on Canvas by 11:59pm on Friday August 9th.

You MUST complete the Adult Simulation program to write this paper—if you have not completed the program you will receive a zero on the assignment.


Description. Revel contains the eText of the course textbook, Human Development: A Cultural Approach by Jeffrey Arnett. It also contains videos and additional resources to help you master the material. MyPsychLab is also your gateway to accessing MyVirtualLife, an online simulation activity described below.

Access. Follow this link to access Revel: https://console.pearson.com/enrollment/epku6r (Links to an external site.)

The student access code for this class is RVYAHD-BANJO-PERCH-COLET-CHOIR-ROSES

Your Tasks. Complete all required chapter readings and utilize study materials.

Username: yang6107@umn.edu

Password: Yx343069

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