Fundamentals of Practical Nursing

Fundamentals of Practical Nursing
Fundamentals of Practical Nursing
Assignment: I & O Case Study
The nurse taking care of a post-operative patient needs to monitor intake and output. Choose all
items from the list that should be included and document the correct amount for each area in
When the nurse arrived for the shift at 0800, the patient’s catheter bag was emptied of 50cc of
light yellow urine. The patient had a 1000 milliliter bag of IV fluid hanging from the IV pole,
and the IV running at a rate of 30 mL per hour. The patient had one cup of scrambled eggs, a
slice of toast and 4 ounces of orange juice for breakfast. Following breakfast, the patient felt ill
and had one loose stool of 150mL. He complained of nausea so the nurse offered a can of ginger
ale. He sipped on this throughout the morning and by noon, when the nurse disposed of the can;
he had taken 8 ounces of the soda. For lunch, the patient had 6 ounces of tomato soup, 4 ounces
of Jell-o, and 8 ounces of coffee. He also asked for ice-cream and the aide brought him a 4ounce
cup of which he ate about half. Mid-afternoon the patient asked for grape juice and took about
four ounces, but then vomited about 350mL of purple liquid and undigested food. The aide
emptied his catheter at the end of the shift of 640cc of yellow urine.
1. What was the patient’s oral intake in eight hours?
2. What was the patient’s IV intake in 8 hours?
3. What is the patient’s total intake for the shift?
4. What was the patient’s output in eight hours?
5. What is the difference between the patient’s intake and output in both mL and ounces
and how significant is this? Page 1

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