Gabriel Orozco Pelota En Agua (Ball On Water)

In the first paragraph identify the one you have chosen and what it is about the subject matter that appeals to you. This is your opinion but don’t use the terminology in this opening. Using terminology will make the statement invalid. Remember that you will be referring to it later. You may even want to develop this part last.

In the second paragraph identify a term from the emphasis portion of the principles lesson. Do not use emphasis or focal point as your terms, Discuss how it reinforces emphasis within the photograph.

In the third paragraph apply the term from the photography that creates the most impact in the photograph. Discuss the impact that term has on the subject matter of the photograph.

In the last paragraph discuss how emphasis reinforces your opening subjective statement. If you cannot discuss how the emphasis reinforces your opening statement, then adjust your opening statement to make that application easier. But, do not use the term in that opening statement. Use it in the closing one…


1-a subjective statement has been included

1-the personal connection to the subject matter has been identified

.5-no terminology has been used in the opening statement

.5-an appropriate emphasis term has been identified

.5-the term chosen has been underlined

2-how that term contributes to the emphasis within the photograph has been clearly communicated

.5-an appropriate photography term has been identified

.5-the term chosen has been underlined

2-how that term contributes to subject matter of the photograph has been clearly communicated

2.5-how emphasis within the work objectively supports your opening statement has been clearly communicated

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