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Part 1

  • Document Chose

SNCC Vine City Project, “Black Power”, 1966

  • Creator of Document

United States National Student Association ( Reprint )

  • About USNSA

A confederation of college and university student governments that was in operation from 1947 – 1978

  • Date and location of document creation

Was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1947

  • Summary

The USNSA was lead by officers elected at it annual National Student Congress. Its first office was not far from campus located in Madison. It later opened an office at 2115 ‘S’ St. in Washington D.C from 1950’s – 1967 the international program and some of its domestic activities were under written by clandestine funding from the Central Intelligence Agency. The NSA originally housed the United States Student Press Association and its new agency College Press Association.

  • Connection

The topic in my opinion relates to Unit 1 lesson 3 The Boom Years.

  • Interesting Point

The reprint of the article was created by students.

Part 2

Source Chosen: John F. Kennedy, “Cuban Missile Crisis Speech,” October 22, 1962
⦁ Cuban Missile Crisis Speech
⦁ John F. Kennedy
⦁ John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States. He was president through some tumultuous times in our country’s past, from the civil rights movement, and the Cold War, to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
⦁ October 22, 1962 from the Oval Office in the White House.

⦁ Write a brief summary of the source. Consider the following questions when creating your summary:
⦁ What is the topic or issue the source is talking about? President Kennedy was talking to American people about the Cuban Missile Crisis.
⦁ What are the creator’s main points about that topic? President Kennedy’s main points he was making was how the Soviet Union was in blatant violation of agreements by stockpiling nuclear weapons within striking distance of the US and countries in Central and South America.
⦁ What is one interesting thing you learned from the source? I learned that President Kennedy, although he appeared calm and collected during this speech, was actually extremely stressed out because of the implications of the Soviet actions.
⦁ Discuss how this source helps you to better understand a topic covered in this Unit’s learning materials. Consider the following questions:
⦁ What topic in the learning materials does this source address? This source connects with Intellipath Unit 2 about the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis.
⦁ What extra information do you learn about that topic from the source? I learned the different types of weapons the Soviets were bringing into Cuba, how far each one could travel and the cities they were able to strike.
⦁ Did the source support what you already knew about the topic? Provide an example. I didn’t know much about the Cuban Missile Crisis before this unit.
⦁ Or, did the source change the way you think you about this topic? Provide an example. I have learned a little about the Cuban Missile Crisis in school before, but I never grasped the severity of the situation. I had never listened to this speech before, when I did listen to the speech and heard the President say, “this sudden, clandestine decision to station strategic weapons for the first time outside of Soviet soil — is a deliberately provocative and unjustified change in the status quo which cannot be accepted by this country, if our courage and our commitments are ever to be trusted again by either friend or foe.”, really opened my eyes to how close we were to war.

Part 3

Source Chosen : Regan, R. (1987). Tear Down This Wall.

Context: The creator of this document Ronald Reagan, President of the United States, June 12, 1987, in West Berlin.


Our topic is freedom. When discussing the freedom in Berlin it talks about the wall that encircles free sectors and barriers that divide Europe. There are areas that have barbed wire, guard towers, and dog runs yet there are other areas that have no visible or obvious walls. Taking the Wall down would breakdown barriers and give people hope in being safe and living in a freer world.


That moment in American history shows us just how important being able to have freedom is. Americans take for granted that is always enough food to go around, our health standards. Loosing freedom would mean that we could face not having enough food, health care, etc.

Issue Today:

There are many issues today. Americans are scared of loosing their freedom due to other nationalities being able to come to our country illegally. Our current president is trying to help with these current issues.

Part 4

Source chosed: Ronald Reagan Tear Down This Wall

Context: The creator of this was our 40th president of the United states Ronald Reagan.

Summary: It really discusses the Berlin wall and how it caused so many problems with dividing Europe. There were areas that had barbed wire along the wall line and it stopped alot of people from feeling safe in their own country.

Issues today: There are many issues in the world today with the talk of building a wall to divide America from Mexico, or even deporting people that have been over here their whole lives just because of their nationality. All it’s doing is causing more problems in the world when we should all be together to make the world a better for everyone still here and especially for the young kids that have to grow up in a place like this. America is supposed to be the land of opportunity but sometimes it doesnt feel that way.

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