Gender Pay Gap-Retirement Marketing Research Assignment (Essay Sample)

Individual Research Paper Requirements:
1. The general topic is: Gender Pay Gap. However, I would like for you to focus on the following questions and topics.
– What is the gender pay gap? How was it created?
– Current statistics (please shows exhibits and graphs
– Planning for retirement for men and women. Is it the same for both genders?
– How do men vs. women prepare for retirement?
– Should women plan for retirement before men? How many years prior? How does the gender pay gap play a role in this?
– How much does each gender put aside for retirement?
2. You will explain what data you would like to use for the research and why they are appropriate for your topic.
3. You are expected to demonstrate a good understanding of the relevant financial management concepts and apply the appropriate tools learned in class to perform an in- depth analysis of the data.
4. You will include additional graphs and charts that help your explanations.
5. You should carefully interpret the results from your analysis and draw specific conclusions from your findings.


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