Genetic engineering can be used to create more productive strains of farm animals.

Choose one of the following scenarios and answer the questions provided. Support your answers using scientific reasoning and discussing possible impacts to individuals, society, and the environment. Be sure to also discuss any medical or ethical issues that may apply.

Scenario 1:

Genetic engineering can be used to create more productive strains of farm animals. By adding genes to an animal’s DNA, the animal can be made to produce milk or meat containing vital nutrients that would not be found naturally in those products. This provides a greater amount of nutrients per serving of milk or meat.

Do you think that this type of genetic engineering should be pursued? Explain your answer. (5 points)

What are some possible impacts (positive and negative) of this type of genetic engineering on individuals, society, and the environment? (5 points)

Scenario 2:

In the future, doctors may be able to evaluate your DNA to check for genetic markers related to specific medical conditions or harmful reactions to medications. Your personalized genetic profile could be kept on record and referred to in order to develop personal medical treatment based on your unique DNA sequencing. Scientists have found that just small variations in a specific section of your DNA can help determine how well some medications can work for you or if they would be beneficial at all.

Would you want to have your DNA profile kept in your medical record as a reference for your doctors? Explain your answer. (2 points)

What are potential pros and cons of having such tests done and referring to DNA sequences when determining a patient’s medical treatment? (5 points)

Describe how the availability of this technology might affect the frequency of genetic diseases in individuals and populations. (3 points) (10 points)

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