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Q) What concerns should be understood about data communications being sent over wireless networks? Discuss the pros and cons of one method of transmission, such as Wireless Application Protocol (Search the Internet for help in wireless networks).

Pros and Cons of Data Communication over Wireless Networks

The importance and designing of various types of wireless networking areas is rapidly increasing at society based on their requirements and needs of users. These wireless networks are created a specific trend in the entire world with the help of their features. By using these WLAN people are performing various activities without even going to any place like communication, the transmission of data and others based on the situation. These activities are also performed in society before the availability of wireless networks. But in wired networks there are a huge number of disadvantages and drawbacks are available which are creating some issues for the people. In order to avoid some of the major drawbacks of wired network areas business organizations are introduced to these wireless local area networks with the help of their innovative thinking capacity (Erdmann, 2012).

The demand of these WAN is occurring due to the advantages in humans’ lives when they are using according to some situations where we require them more. The installation processes of wireless networks are very cheap when it can be compared to their old versions. It is very cheap because it doesn’t require any wired connections to connect to the required network at society in this process people can able to move their electronic devices wherever they want. The usage of these methods and networks is very easy and easily adopted by any person in society without experiencing any difficulties. Even a person didn’t have any basic knowledge on the internet and these networking process they can simply use these WAN systems within a simple process (Pattenden, 2011).

Along with these, we can also tell that the transaction of data from one place to another is very fast with the usage of these WLAN methods. The signal connections and data quality will be very high, it doesn’t contain any loses and improper setup at any level of usage process. But the main drawbacks which we are experiencing from them are security or privacy issue which is occurring based on the requirement of customers (Singh, 2010).


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