Go to your identified organization’s website, and try to determine the sources of funds. Sometimes you can find an annual report, which might provide some percentages

Go to your identified organization’s website, and try to determine the sources of funds. Sometimes you can find an annual report, which might provide some percentages. Or, if you work there, consider what different sources might be funding the services being provided (and your salary).

The On With Life organization collect funds from many different sources contributions,fund raising, gifts and grants. This organization receives most it funds from government and the general public. One breakdown of funds I could find was that 74% of its funds come from; contributions, gifts and grants. The sales of assets other than inventory at 20%. Lastly investment income was another 7%.

The website for On With Life provided a lot information on donors and fund raising, for special projects. However, it did not give a clear picture of their financial statement. This information provided is from a financial report I was able to locate from 2014.

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The Idaho Youth Ranch (youthranch.org, 2017) utilizes several sources of funding for its programs and services. In addition to a retail arm of the organization, consisting of Thrift Stores and Distribution Centers, State and Federal Grant monetary awards are received annually. Current government grants include Runaway Homeless Youth (RHY), United Way, Idaho Council for Domestic Violence Victims Assistance (ICDVVA), and sub grants managed through the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (DHW).

The Albertsons Foundation recently awarded the Idaho Youth Ranch a substantial donation to be used towards the organization’s capital campaign to relocate/rebuild their ranch facility.

There are also contracts maintained through DHW for their child welfare and children’s mental health departments. The balance of fundraising is related to activities such as Wine, Women, & Shoes (winewomenandshoes.com, 2017). These activities, however, are designed to primarily generate awareness rather than secure funds as the monetary return on investment is typically a negative amount.

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Government funding, often referred to as public dollars, is a huge source of income for many nonprofits, and in some cases, it’s their only source. Government funding, sometimes referred to as public dollars, includes federal, state, and local funding. Some states have “tobacco” funds, and others have “gambling” funds, but all go through some form of government. Identify a source of government funding that might be available for your organization, or that your organization is already receiving.

The funds collected from taxes are spent in a lot of different ways; pay government employees, schools, libraries, military and to fund a variety of other causes (PRLog,2008). Much of the funds that make up grant money comes directly from the taxes we pay (PRLog,2008). These funds are paid into the government, then are passed on to wherever these dollars are being allocated, whether it be; state, local programs, organization or an individual (PRLog,2008).

I was un able to find a direct tax that provides funds to the organization that I chose. However, as mentioned in the assignment it spoke to “tobacco” funds, and others have “gambling” funds that assist in funding nonprofits. Iowa does have some of these taxes. The major excise taxes collected by the state of Iowa are the fuel tax and the “sin tax”, which is taxes collected on cigarettes and alcoholic. These taxes go to fund transportation projects, environmental projects and health related spending.


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Goodwill receives “$170,400 from the Raymond E. Evieth Charitable Trust to support Goodwill Keystone Area mission services.” Also, they receive 4321 grant from the Gary McElwain Fund “to develop Goodwill Staff leadership and training.” Additionally, they receive “$11,726 grant from the Eric N. Stein Retail technology,” for barcoding. Total facility management invests 464,110 to research and write proposals for Federal contracts.

Pennsylvania has a cigarette tax revenue these funds are currently dedicated to fund Childrens health insurance $30.73 million and Agricultural conservation $20.49 million.

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