Going Oversees

Going Oversees
You are an American manager being sent to China to run one of your US company’s overseas operations. You were raised in the US and you have been managing for about 5 years. You are aware of the fact that many cultural influences shaped your approach to managing which are different from those values which shape the Chinese/Asian Confucian culture. But now you are going to China to manage in a different culture and deal with a workforce that may have different values, norms and expectations for a leader/manager. This paper has three parts
Part One: Compare and contrast the two country clusters ( Anglo and Asian Confucian) along the following dimensions and determine how you would have to adapt your leadership style to fit in the new cultural setting.
Power distance
Uncertainty Avoidance
Gender Egalitarianism
In Group Collectivism
Future Orientation
What implications do these differences have for how you must lead a Chinese workforce?
Part Two:
List at least five norms for conducting business in China which you must be aware of and explain how those norms would impact your leadership style or actions
Part Three:
What expectations do Chinese workers have for their leaders and how do they differ from the expectations that American workers have for their leaders? How would these different expectations impact the way you wold lead an Asian workforce?

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