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May 14, 2022
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May 14, 2022

Graduate Nursing


· As a reminder, your case study is a virtual presentation accompanied by a concept map OR flow chart of the disease you choose.

· There is no limit for the length of your presentation, but it must be at a minimum 35 slides including notes. Your references slide(s) at the end of your presentation are notto be included in your 35 slide minimum.

· Utilize the notes function on powerpoint to add your research, talking points, and the “meat” of each slide. This is where the “content” section of your rubric will really be analyzed (and graded).

· Please feel free to be creative. Create unique patients, have fun with your presentation. The only strict requirement that I ask of you is to thoroughly investigate the disease pathophysiology (like we have been doing in discussions). Other than that- have fun, be yourself, and show off what you’ve learned.

Other tips:

· Presentation: If this is your first powerpoint presentation, here are some tips. Keep your slides streamlined and pleasant to view. Don’t cram a lot of “junk” on each slide. Use the notes function for what you would say if you were giving this as an oral presentation to your unit, your fellow students, and your instructor.

· Sources: Check your facts. Use multiple scientific sources (recent medical journals preferred), evidence based practice, and demonstrate your clinical reasoning skills.

· Format: If you are technologically savvy (or interested in learning more), you can supplement your presentation by recording it in prezi, ispring or Camtasia. There may be other presentation softwares out there. If you are interested in exploring those, go for it! Please just touch base with me via email if you’d like to pursue an alternative presentation format.

· Extra Points: In the past, students have created “fact sheets” to “pass out” to their peers (posting this virtually, of course). I’ve also had students include audio/video clips of themselves describing the disease, talking to their coworkers, simulations, etc. Again, please feel free to add whatever else you’d like on to your submission once you’ve met the content requirements.














Grading Rubric for Online Presentation of Case Study

Criteria Grade Determinants Points




Preparation and


30 Points

Written presentation is thorough, presented in a logical sequence and is accurate. Presentation is accurately referenced in APA formatting with reliable scientific sources. �Notes� function in PowerPoint is well utilized to include additional research and citations. 30  
  Written presentation is either not thorough or is not presented in a logical sequence but is accurate 20  
  Written presentation is not thorough and is not presented in a logical sequence but is accurate. 10  
  Written presentation contains inaccuracies. 0  


70 Points

1a. Defines the disease process and identifies all essential history data that should be obtained anddoes not include data that is not directly related to the case study. *use note function in PowerPoint to include additional details & research 25  
  �1b.Omits an essential component of patient history and/or includes irrelevant data not pertinent to the case study. 10  
  1c. Omits two or more essential components of patient history and/or includes irrelevant data. 0  
  2a. Accurately and thoroughly explains the pathophysiology related to the presenting symptoms or problems and does not include data that is not directly related to the case study. 25  
  2b. Explanation of the pathophysiology is accurate but lacking thoroughness. 10  
  2c. Explanation of the pathophysiology is inaccurate. 0  
  3a. Critical Event Flow Chart (CEFC) accurately and thoroughly explains the linkage of altered pathophysiology related to the presenting symptoms or problems and does not include data that is not directly related to the case study. 20  
  3b. Explanation of the CEFC is accurate but lacking thoroughness. 10  
  3c. Explanation of the CEFC is inaccurate. 0  
  �100Total Points
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