Group Project: Operations Tour Report Task

Group Project: Operations Tour Report


To do this you will need to visit a company and conduct an operations tour across all the company production- and operations-related activities. You will also need to surf the internet as well as the library database to assist you.

Project Outline

Section 1 : Company background, products produced or services offered by the company

Section 2 (individual work): Operations Tour

The students should choose topics from their study and further readings within their required textbook. Each student will be responsible to handle one topic (so if the group is composed of 4 students there should be 4 topics). Topics could include: (Choose two only)

1. Productivity

2. Forecasting

3. Product and Service Design

4. Capacity Planning / Break Even Analysis

5. Quality Management

6. Inventory Management

7. Location Planning

8. Scheduling

(Extra topics may be obtained from the Stevenson textbook)

Section 3 : Company Policy for Performance Measurement

Students should gather information about the policy implemented for measuring the company performance.

Section 4 : Conclusion

Students should add their comments about what they have investigated in the operations tour in the company.


· This project should be your own work. You should make reference to the literature but the report should contain your own ideas, based on your understanding of the problem and the analysis you have undertaken. It should be specific not general.


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