GU299: General Education Capstone, Urban Ministry Center (Essay Sample)

Last week you described cultural challenges, humanitarian considerations, and roadblocks faced within the organization.
Your task this week is to expand your research to the organization’s future vision, challenges, and improvements.
Complete the following steps.
Step 1: Introduction – Provide a quick introduction to the organization you have chosen. Describe the organization’s focus and what they are doing to promote positive change. ates to the social issue. Describe one or two specific actions the organization plans to take to achieve this vision.
Step 3: Challenges – Describe some challenges (technological, economic, political, laws and regulations, community-based initiatives, educational, etc.) the organization might face in attempting to achieve the future vision. How might the organization overcome these challenges?
Step 4: Improvements – Based on your research, describe improvements the organization could make to better serve the community and achieve the future goals.
Step 5: Conclusion – Provide a summary of the organization and the future vision they have toward impacting positive change for the issue you have chosen.
References – On a separate reference page, list all the references you have cited in your paper to support your claims.

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