Have you ever experienced these symptoms?

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Have you ever experienced these symptoms? Tachycardia, palpitations, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, tremors, sweating, digestive discomfort, nausea, vomiting, “knot” in the breadbasket, eating disorders, muscle tension and stiffness, fatigue, tingling, feeling of dizziness and instability it because you are suffering from something called panic. The panic, therefore, is exaggerated fear, which eludes the rational and paralyzes the person. Sometimes, panic is generated at the societal level and is spread from individual to individual, which causes a wave of widespread fear. Panic is commonly confused, anxiety and fear are not the same thing. Panic result when people allow their irrational fears to influence how think and something that develops for no evident reason, it causes repeated and unexpected attacks of intense concern, and it can last for few minutes or even hours.

According to medical word news: Panic is not only situational but arises spontaneously in unpredictable circumstances as well. The physical symptomatology accompanied by fear and usually builds and peaks in about 10 minutes. Family history is often positive for panic attacks, child abuse, substance abuse, and other dysfunctional findings. The patient may also have frequent psychiatric and substance abuse problems. Only about 25% of patients with a panic disorder which tends to surface between ages 18 to 35 and is twice as common in women are receiving appropriate treatment, the panel estimated at a, the panel estimated at a consensus development conference sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health. (Pollner, Fran)

Appearance of panic to be in places or situations is especially difficult to escape or in the case that appears an unexpected anxiety crisis that is related to a situation among which we can highlight like being alone outside the house, mingling with people or queuing , go through a bridge, travel by bus, train or car.

Panic can give to anyone, it is something that has no symptoms, only active when we fear something or we remember something of the past that was traumatic. panic disorder misinterprets uncomfortable body sensations, it is also interesting that some other agents of discomfort for instance, thyrotropin-releasing hormone cholinergic agonists such as physostigmine, and hypoglycemia do not evoke Medicopsychiatric Disorders panic (Medico psychiatric Disorders p.224). Its symptoms start abruptly and reach their maximum expression in the first 10 minutes.

It cannot be explained by an organic factor such as intoxication by alcohol, caffeine or hypothyroidism.

“No apparent reason we begin to feel fear, anguish and physical sensations such as tachycardia, sweating, numbness of hands and legs, difficulty breathing, etc. It causes repeated and unexpected attacks of intense concern specific factors, are risk factors for anxiety disorders, being easily fatigued, difficulty concentrating or having their minds go blank, Irritability and muscle tension. Treatment of panic disorder aimed at reducing or eliminating panic attacks and preventing or treating agoraphobia, as well as operating comorbid conditions. Combinations of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy have proven effective in a significant number of patients, with choices often guided by patient tolerance and preferences.”(Medico psychiatric Disorders p.226). The spontaneous which appearance of a panic attack. It is not such, but the panic attack is activated when the person thinks, visualizes or is in the presence of a situation that causes fear. They refer anxiety as a false and overestimated reading of subjective symptoms, for example, if I am in stores like the mall or Walmart and there are many people I enter horrible anxiety in which ends in panic, I hate shopping.

“Panic is a frequent cause of significant distress, presentation to hospitals and care providers, and at times, disability. Its introduction encompasses marked physical discomfort along with emotional pain. The clinician faced with a patient suffering from panic disorder must clarify the nature of the symptoms, the possibility of comorbid or causative medical and the interplay between them. Advances in the understanding and treatment of panic disorder bring together knowledge of physiologic changes and function, neurotransmitter mod ulation, neuroanatomic substrates, and cognitive function, in the context of genetic predisposition and environmental influences.” (Medico psychiatric Disorders p.226). We have all experienced anxiety in one way or another in our lives. Which sometimes has a specific cause; as for example, taking an exam, job interview, when we learn to drive, etc. Although this type of anxiety can be quite disruptive, it is transient and disappears after. But unpleasant feelings associated with anxiety may also bear no apparent cause and become a chronic condition. I suffer from panic attacks , but I am learning to live with it.

The most significant thing you can do is realize that you are not really living your life unless you live it without anxiety.

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