HealthCare Business

Assessment 2 External Environment Review

Assessment Instructions

Develop a 3 page report on the external environment. USE THE SAME ORGANIZATION from previous essay.

1. Describe trends that could affect a strategic plan, explain the role of key external stakeholders, and describe uncertainties or barriers to achieving the objectives.

2. What are some advances in health care delivery that could affect a strategic management plan? How would these advances affect the plan?

3. Where would you go to obtain information on potential future competitors?


Develop a 3 page report that addresses the following: Define scope, both the time frame and scope of analysis.

Identify major external stakeholders and role.

Identify basic external trends.

Identify key uncertainties and barriers.

Identify additional research needs.

Develop quantitative methods as necessary.

Develop qualitative methods as necessary.

Analyze external characteristics and utilization trends

Describe any trends that could impact your strategic plan.

Explain the role of the key external stakeholders in your strategic plan. Be sure you identify the key stakeholders.

Describe any uncertainties or barriers to achieving the objectives you established in Assessment 1. How will you overcome these?

Review government regulations that may affect the goal.

Additional Requirements

•Include a title page and reference page.

•Number of pages: 3, not including title page and reference page.

•Number of resources: At least 3 scholarly or professional resources.

•APA format for citations and references.

•Font and spacing: Times New Roman, 12 point; double-spaced.

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