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Week 2: Health Communication Class, (Berkeley College)

· Read Chapter 3 The Nature of Therapeutic Communication and Chapter 4 Cultural Similarities and Differences and Communication.

· Review Chapter 3 and 4 power points in the required resources section.

· Week 2 Assignment List your topic for the Research Assessment and list at least one scholarly references in APA format.
Name: _____________


Powerpoint Research Assessment Rubric

The following rubric will be used to evaluate your presentation:






Content of Medical Topic Presentation

Chose applicable medical topic . Training was thorough, interesting and informative.

Applicable medical topic. Training was interesting but lacking information.

Topic was medical but there was lack of training in the presentation.

Topic not applicable /no training in the presentation or student did not complete assignment.





Power Point presentation

Power Point included graphics and presentation was organized with no grammar or spelling errors.

Presentation contained a few graphics, there were some grammar and spelling errors.

Presentation did not contain any graphics and /or there were multiple errors in spelling and grammar.

Presentation was not organized and did not include graphics/color or student did not complete assignment.





References and slides

Presentation was 10 slides plus title page and reference page and referenced 2 sources.

Presentation was 7-9 slides of material plus title page and /or references were less than 2

Presentation was 4-6 slides and references were less than 2

Presentation less than 4 slides and no references were given or assignment not completed.

RESEARCH ASSESSMENT ASSIGNMENT: For this assignment you will be pretending that you are a training supervisor in a hospital. As the supervisor you have to educate your staff on any medical topic that needs to be explained. Examples: Confidentiality, OSHA, Handwashing Techniques. Then in a power point presentation you will do the following:

Students will construct a power point training seminar on their topic. Students will pretend that you are holding a seminar educating staff on your topic. The presentation must be interesting and informative. The Presentation needs to be at least 10 slides but as many as you need. This does not include your Introduction slide (name, topic, date) and your reference slide.

The slides must include graphics and be creative.

Due: Week 2 Students will submit their topics and list two scholarly references in APA format. I will review the topic and I will let students know if the topic is fine for the research assessment.

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