. Highlight five principles underlying Agile that lead to accelerated development.

Assignment 1 1. Highlight five principles underlying Agile that lead to accelerated development. With each principle, identify one contrary situation that could compromise the same accelerated development principle (10 pts). 2. What makes pair programming more effective than two programmers (2 pts). What are four reasons productivity may suffer from pair programming versus two individuals programming (8 pts) [10 pts total]) 3. In a globally connected and distributed development teams, what strategies (2) and technologies (3) can be used to make Agile (including Scrum) effective? Please provide the strategy and technology with two supporting sentences to explain each in the content of Agile/Scrum. (10 pts) 4. In ten sentences, compare and contrast Agile / plan-based using the BSU Coin (Capstone Project). What are the benefits and drawbacks for both approaches in the context of BSU Coin. (10 pts) Capstone Project: BSU Coin Objective: The project to be designed will be a blockchain-based incentive program using a wallet, smart contracts, tokens, mining, and public ledger. The blockchain implementation will be the centerpiece of BSU to encourage retention, recruitment, career opportunities, engagement, and a showcase of Blockchain’s capabilities. The system will be accessible to faculty, staff, students, campus organizations, and external stakeholders. Design BSU in detail with the architectural design as well as use cases, sequences diagrams, class structural models, and behavior models. Assignment 2 Module 2 compares two different approaches to achieve accelerated development – Agile and plan-based. Companies are always looking for ways to maximize their resources including computer power and human capital. Assignment 3 outlines several approaches for optimizing these resources as well as challenges your perspective on the given methods. Finally, the task challenges your perception of IS “waste.” 1. Identify a single software tool to aid Agile Software Development (2 pts). Provide a brief tutorial showcase how the software can be used in a step-by-step tutorial (8 pts). The tutorial must include the class name INSS 615 and your initials (like AM for me) in the process. Screenshots with this information must be added. My preference for submission is a single URL to a WordPress page containing your tutorial. (10 pts) 2. Agile, Plan-based, and hybrid are roughly three different approaches to IS Software Development. Identify a fourth (1 pt). Explain in 10 sentences the identified approach – be sure to highlight the advantages and disadvantages (5 pts). Find two situations where the approach was effective (2 pts). Provide two use cases where the identified approach would be ideal (2pts [10 pts total] 3. What does “waste” mean in IS Principles and Practice in your own words? (2 pts). In your own words (minimum two sentences), what is waste in Agile Development? (2 pts) In your own words (minimum two sentences), what iswaste in plan-based Development? (2 pts) In IS we often seek to reduce or eliminate waste while creating value (revenue, profit, competitive advantage). Provide two modern technologies (after 2015) that have either produced waste or removed it. Explain the impact of each technology in two or more sentences. (4 pts) [10 pts total]




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