How do you apply your personal values and professional ethics to your nursing practice?

Answer question following each statement
1. How do you apply your personal values and professional ethics to your nursing practice? Refer to the Ethical Lens Inventory and readings when responding.

2. Nurse are trusted professionals which is great. However, at times the public may hold nurse to unrealistic expectations. So, nurse have to find a way to build trust with the community while educating them on the realities of health care. What are some suggestions on how nurses can strike this balance?

3. There are differences between personal and professional ethics. To some degree we draw from both when doing our jobs. However, in the workplace our professional values must take the lead.
How do you respond in the workplace when asked to perform a task that conflicts with your personal ethics?

4. Let’s look at an advocacy example. Finances and the ethical care of patients raises several issues for health care providers. As a nurse I am sure that you want your patients to receive the best care possible. However, finances can be a major obstacle for many patients. The lack of proper funding can prevent a patient from receiving a potentially lifesaving procedure, no matter how simple.
When faced with circumstances where the patient and/or their family is choosing to proceed with or foregoes a procedure due to financial concerns, how do you respond? Explain how you advocate for the patient when finances are a major concern.

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