how do you find music

How do you find music?

In the article, Songs of Myself, by Robin James, the author states that “[w]hereas demographics track membership in a politically-defined group, the new formats are based on categories that track (often individual) psychological characteristics. In other words, they have become psychographic.” I’m interested in hearing about how you find music. 1) Describe how and where you search for new music to add to your playlists, etc. 2) Do you think your sources use psychographics? why? 3) Identify at least one piece of music (a song technically means there’s a vocal part, btw) that you stumbled upon by accident that you now love and talk about how you encountered it. 4) How do you recommend music to others and who in your life are you more (or less) likely to recommend music to?

-Professor Terricciano

the link of the article (

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