Please note that there is a virtual lab’s site on the PPT and that you may do as extra credit You may turn in four tables with the data collected for all four environments and one starting allele frequency.

You must also answer the six questions you would find in the journal of the activity.

You may turn the results and the questions the date of the exam.

the results should include the data the starting and final allele frequencies, initial and final genotypic and phenotypic frequencies. (initial means before you start the experiment and final means the information obtained after five generations)


HOW DOES NATURAL SELECTION AFFECT ALLELIC FREQUENCIES? 5 pt. – extra credit homework, due the day of the EXAM. You have to do the virtual lab using all four environments and two different allele frequencies. Your work must be typed and the results, use also tables correctly labeled. (tables, hypothesis, discussion, etc)

This is my assignment due tomorrow.

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