How does this event impact human health?


HEAL 3500: Environment Health

Spring 2018

Current Event

Environmental Health Current Event From

Name: Jomanah

Date submitted:1/30/2018

Environmental health topic: Air Pollution

Source of event: The Telegraph, Toxic Smog Chokes New Delhi: Why has a Pollution Emergency Been Declared? 8 November 2017.

Brief description of event

Toxic smog choked the Indian capital of New Delhi between 1st and 9th November 2017 and a public health emergency was declared. Pollution levels hit 30 times the World Health Organization limits, with the concentration of harmful PM2.5 particles topping 700. In some part of the capital, air pollution surpassed a maximum of 999, which can be equivalent to smoking 50 cigarettes a day. A 24-car motorway pile-up on the outskirts of the capital was partly blamed for the smog.

How does this event impact the environment?

The authorities shut all the school in the Indian capital due to unconducive learning environments. When some chemicals in the fog mix with water and air, they cause acid rain which has many adverse effects on the environment. The hazardous smog has turned houses into gas chambers where one cannot keep the windows of the house to avoid suffocating.

How does this event impact human health?

There was a surge of patients complaining of respiratory problems immediately after the smog giving a direct effect on human health. Conditions of patients with history such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders, and cardiovascular disease deteriorate when exposed to increased levels of air pollution. The greatest risk of pollution to human health to develop infections and allergies are elderly and children.

What are the potential solutions to this event mentioned by the source (if any)?

The only solution is stringent measures to improve the city air quality. Since November and December are the pick time for air pollution measures should be taken before November for good results to be achieved. Automobiles should be regulated as cars become a symbol of status than essential utility.

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