how laws are made in England and Wales

how laws are made in England and Wales
Task One
Explain using examples, how laws are made in England and Wales? It will help you to discuss
the following: The role of parliament, where does parliament delegate some power to
what is case law?
(25 marks)
Task Two
Describe one of the following terms to do with a contract using examples and case law as
appropriate to illustrate what is occuring.
0 Invitation to treat
0 Consideration
0 Capacity
0 Acceptance ” ‘ ‘ T
(20 marks)
Task Three
Discuss what a Contract of Employment is in general terms. You may find it useful to also
provide a diagram to illustrate what a Contract of Employment is. Select two areas to
examine in more detail. For example, hours of work, place of work. In this section you will
need to provide examples, information and, if relevant, case examples to help you
demonstrate your understanding.
(30 marks)
Task Four
Pick one of the following to research and analyse and provide a mini report on what you
have found out. Your mini report will include an Introduction which will briefly explain the
chosen legislation and why you have decide to consider this particular law, research findings
which will consider the chosen legislation and what you think are the implications for
employees and employers in terms of the relevant legislation and this needs to include your
opinions on the particular area which needs to be backed up with examples and your
conclusions from your research. You will need to research examples to help you explain
what you think are the implications for the employer and employees. Justify your opinions
with valid arguments clearly set out and this comes from reading round your chosen
National Minimum Wage Act 1998
Equallty Act 2010
Working Time Regulations 1998
(25 marks)
Provide a list of references at the end of your work, minimum of 6 sources
Remember, your answers must be at least 1500 words

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