How The Play A Raisin In The Sun Is Universal In Terms Of Character (Essay Sample)

Explain how the play A Raisin in the Sun is universal in terms of character, plot, and/or theme.

(Suggestion: In discussing how this play is universal, think in terms of the characters — what they are like, the problems they face, and their relationships with one another; think of the plot—the situations they face and go through, and think about the themes. What aspects about any or all of these are universal?)

On the back cover of A Raisin in the Sun (the Vintage Books paperback edition we are using for this class), the universal issues and themes of this play are identified:

“In her portrait of an embattled Chicago family, Hansberry anticipated issues that range from generational clashes to the civil rights and women’s movements. She also posed the essential questions—about identity, justice, and moral responsibility—at the heart of these great struggles. The result is an American classic.”


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