how to create a performance report for presentation to stakeholders

Use the Individual and Learning Team research/activities completed in past weeks — and modified based on instructor feedback — in your Performance Report to create a presentation for stakeholders.

Showcase the following:

  • Upcoming events
  • Budget (with costs already spent and those to come)
  • Schedule
  • Goals/objectives
  • A project scope statement
  • A WBS
  • A project organization chart
  • A communication plan matrix
  • Concerns about the current project’s status (including to whom these concerns were communicated)
  • Accomplishments that have been made throughout the project, including how they tie to the milestones identified at the start of the project

Create this as a cohesive visual presentation that would be given to stakeholders in 10 to 15 slides. This should include an introduction, conclusion, questions, and references.

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