How would you characterize the overall position of perspective of the current United States Supreme Court (USSC)? BTW

In your own words, what is the Constitution?

What does it say about the rights of people?  Be careful because it is not obvious what “Rights” are really in the Constitution and it would be a mistake to use that stuff “everybody knows” because it is technically insufficient and often incorrect.

Rather than taking on the whole landscape, choose 4 “rights” and give specific evidence that it is a right and from where this right emanates. Be sure what you choose truly addresses granting rights to the people specifically and not rights that you think are implied by the wording.

How would you characterize the overall position of perspective of the current United States Supreme Court (USSC)? BTW— highlighted in blue is the only acceptable way to refer to the Court the first time you mention it, and there after “the Court” is proper.

One might say that the Warren Court was more concerned with Due Process and individual rights.

This Court is likely to deal with some tough issues about privacy, and acceptable behavior towards the interrogation of non-citizens.



                                                     CLASSMATE’S POST

In my own opinion, the Constitution is a system of governing each state sets as rules for the justice system to abide by to ensure all citizens receive equal rights whether in criminal or civil cases.

The Constitution says the rights of the people is protection through due process of law. This law means the courts must follow Constitutional rules or statues in judiciary settings. There are many situations when physical evidence is inadmissible because of contamination or mishandling. The evidence thrown out could be the strength of a case. Even serial killers, rapists, and pedophiles’ had escaped punishment when their Constitutional Rights were violated through evidence handling.

The First Amendment Right to the Constitution is the freedom of speech, religion, and the press.  The laws of Congress states that no citizen is prohibited from religious beliefs, speaking their mind, or publicizing what is believed to have occurred. This law is one of the 10 Amendment rights of citizens of the United States.

The 4th Amendment to the Constitution is protection for the citizens against illegal search and seizure. These are laws that prohibit law enforcement from entering a person’s home without consent or any establishment without the proper warrant or probable cause.

The 6th Amendment Right to the Constitution aids individuals, who have been arrested, to a speedy trial. I especially like this Amendment because individuals who are found innocent of the accused crime are not held up in a jail cell for long periods of time for a crime they did not commit.

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