See a live play/musical/theatre production. Write a paper following the instructions provided and post your completed paper into LBC Paper 2 in the Assignments link within Module 4. Photograph the program and ticket stub, then paste those images into your paper.
Download the instructions from the link below, and you can also review the Sample Paper. Contact me if you have any questions about what kind of play or musical to see, or if you have any other questions about this assignment. You can always contact me by e-mail when you have questions about this course.
LBC Paper Instructions – Audience
Basic Requirement
Explain each topic below, and provide a specific character action/dialogue or descriptive example for each. Each explanation should include a minimum of two (2) sentences, and each example should include a minimum of two (2) sentences.
Save One Microsoft Word Document
Be sure to save this assignment as one (1) Microsoft Word document that includes the cover page, the images of the program and ticket stub, and the paper. Save this document on your disc or hard drive in Microsoft Word format.
Name the Document
Save the document with a name that ends in “.doc” or “.docx” (“oedipus.doc” or “oedipus.docx”).
Follow Instructions Carefully
It may be helpful to first include the instruction topics as you answer. First, explain your responses in your words. Next, provide a specific character action/dialogue or descriptive example from the play to support each explanation. Once you have explained each answer, and provided specific examples, then you can delete the instruction topics.
One Paragraph per Topic
Answer the topics in the same order as they are listed. There should include four (4) paragraphs, one paragraph per major topic. Save your document, again.
Specific Examples per Topic
A specific example includes a minimum of two (2) complete sentences that describe characters saying something specific (quote or paraphrase), or, that describe characters performing a moment of specific physical action, or, that describe in detail how something looked or functioned onstage during a moment of action. Watch the Specific Examples video in the left margin of the course, and download the Specific Examples document that is located in Files
Post in Assignments
Next, go online to our Canvas online learning platform. Find your class list and click into
CTAR 150L. Go to Assignments and find the LBC Paper Instructions and follow them carefully. Then, post your completed LBC Paper into appropriate location in Assignments.
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LBC Paper Instructions – Audience
Your criticism should include the following:
Paragraph: What is your basic response the production? Provide a specific character action/dialogue or descriptive example from a moment in the play to explain.
Paragraph: Who do you believe to be the main character(s) of the play, and what was their main goal? And, did they accomplish their main goal? Provide a specific character action/dialogue or descriptive example from the play to illustrate the main character(s) accomplishing (or not) the main goal.
Paragraph: How did some of the production elements (acting, costumes, sets, lighting, makeup, properties, sound, music, etc.) fit together to unify the production? Provide a specific descriptive example from the play to illustrate how at least two of them worked. (Do not change the given circumstances)
Paragraph: Explain the main theme of the production, and explain the contemporary significance, or the current social relevance of the play’s theme. Provide a specific action/dialogue or descriptive example of a person/people from contemporary society that illustrate your explanation. (This is an example from the real world today, NOT from the play)
Your assignment should have the following appearance:
Your paper should be double-spaced and a minimum of two (2) full pages to a maximum of three (3) full pages in length. Margins on each page should be no more than one inch (1″) on top, bottom, and sides. Use only 12 point Arial font.
Paste a digital photograph(s) of the program and ticket stub from the production you watched, and for which you are writing this paper.
Provide a separate cover page with your name, course name, title, and the professor’s name. Include the cover page as the first page within the same document as the paper.
Reviews should be in correct paragraph form. Run a spell check and grammar check on the document. Students are expected to use correct spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation and complete sentences.
Plagiarism will earn you an E in the course.
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LBC Paper Instructions – Audience
Sample Cover Page
The cover page should appear at the beginning of the document (paste a digital image of the program and ticket stub). The following information must appear on a separate page. You are welcome to creatively format the cover page.
Name: George Spelvin
Course: CTAR 150L – Introduction to Theatre

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