Human Anatomy And Physiology II Project Guidelines

The project for this class will involve creating a pamphlet on any disease or medical condition that you are interested in.

Follow these instructions:

1. Choose any disease or medical condition that interests you. Please pick a topic that you have not covered in a previous class.

2. Address the following subtopics in your pamphlet:

a. Description. A general overview.

b. Signs & symptoms. Typical objective & subjective features.

c. Etiology & disease mechanism. Causes (if known) and exactly HOW the body is affected.

d. Patient screening & diagnosis. How to determine/confirm the condition.

e. Treatment. How to remedy the condition once it has been diagnosed.

f. Prognosis. Information regarding recovery time, survival time, potential for relapse, etc. g. Prevention. How to avoid contracting the condition (if known), reducing risk factors, etc.

3. You do not have to construct your pamphlet about your disease or medical condition in the order listed in #2, as long as you cover all the subtopics listed.

Make sure your name is on your pamphlet. You must have a dedicated section with a clear title for each of the above bold-faced subtopic areas, AND adequate coverage of said areas. A key component of the pamphlet is to answer the following questions about your disease or medical condition:

HOW does it come about? What changes does it cause in the human body and HOW does it cause those changes? (see subtopic c)

4. Provide all references at the end of the pamphlet (must have at least 5) used to obtain your information (books, science journals, websites, etc.). Exact format is not important, but you must have enough information in the reference so that I am able to find the reference!

A website reference MUST be the exact URL where you obtained the information, not a general address like or, unless the info you used is exactly on that page. You should also credit any sources where you used graphics, images, or text that you did not create yourself. DO NOT reference opinions, tabloid articles, or similar disreputable sources.

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