Human Resources Risks

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Case Study Assignment
Study 8 – Human Resources Risks
Workplace Stress

A study of call center employees revealed that employees in the industry suffer higher rates of stress and emotional difficulty than workers in other industries. The call center industry currently employs about half a million Canadians. It is estimated that among 100 recent hires at a call center, 14% may experience high levels of stress and 10% may experience high levels of depression. Each day about 10% of employees call in sick, turnover may run as high as 50% or more a year and the cost of training a replacement employee is more than $6,000. This will have a significant impact on the company’s profits.

Identify the major causes of workplace stress. (You may find it necessary to do additional research in order to list 15 causes). (15 marks)
What measures can an employer take to reduce stress? (5 marks)
Can stress be avoided in the workplace, and if so how? (5 marks)
The completed assignment should be submitted to the drop box no later than 11:59 pm on Sunday of Week 10.

Please include the full names of all members of your group.
All references to material found in the text book or the article should be sourced and your works cited.
Marks will be allocated as noted above.
Late penalties will apply at 25% per day.
This assignment is worth 5% of your final grade.
How to Submit your Assignment
Post your summary to Study 8 – Workplace Stress Dropbox by Sunday at 11:59 pm

Grading Criteria
See mark assignment listed in instructions above.

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INSR-6011 Discussion #3
Read the article “The Basics of Contractural Risk Transfer” and refer to the At Last Adventures Waiver form, then answer the following questions;

Describe how this waiver meets the criteria for contractual risk transfer. Do you think this is a “good” waiver from a risk management perspective? Why or why not?
The company is At Last Adventures and their Home page can be viewed at

How to Submit your Assignment
Post your answer to Discussion 3 – Contractual Risk Transfer no later than 11:59 pm on Sunday of this week.

Grading Criteria
Access the Rubric for Online Discussions

Assignment Resources and Links
Direct links to the articles listed above

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Not Completed

Thinking / Reflection

Arguments are pertinent to the topic. Arguments are logical and supported with evidence. Highly informative and easy to understand. Appropriate vocabulary is used.

Arguments are pertinent to the topic. Arguments are fairly logical and reasonably supported. Arguments are informative, complete and understandable. Appropriate vocabulary is used.

Arguments are not consistently pertinent, logical or supported. Somewhat informative and understandable.

Arguments not pertinent. Arguments rarely, if at all, logical and supported. Not very informative and understandable.

No evidence.


There is a logical flow to the topics / arguments. Conclusion flows clearly from the arguments presented.

Discussion is fairly well organized. Conclusion flows from the rest of the discussion.

Discussion weakly organized. Conclusion is acceptable.

Discussion is not organized. Conclusion doesn’t flow from the rest of the discussion.

No evidence.

Interest Factor

Language and style are appropriate for intended audience. Main points are memorable. Reader is very engaged. Discussion presents well developed analysis and synthesis. Clearly demonstrates critical thinking.

Language and style of discussion appropriate. Reader is engaged. Discussion presents reasonable analysis and synthesis. Demonstrates critical thinking.

Language and style only fair. Reader is only somewhat engaged. Less-developed analysis and synthesis. Critical thinking is abstract and hard to follow.

Language and style are poor. Reader finds it hard to follow. Analysis and synthesis lacking. There is little evidence of critical thinking.

No evidence.


The conclusion is engaging and reflects personal learning.

The conclusion restates the learning.

The conclusion does not adequately restate the learning.

Incomplete and/or unfocused.

Not applicable.


No errors in punctuation, capitalization and spelling. No errors in sentence structure and word usage.

Almost no errors in punctuation, capitalization and spelling. Almost no errors in sentence structure and word usage.

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