Humanism and Architecture

1. Humanism and Architecture

2. Mannerism

3. Renaissance Decorative Techniques

4. Renaissance Chairs

5. Grotesques

6. Penshurst

7. Compare: Early Christian, Byzantine and


8. Palazzo del Te

9. Palladio’s Villas

10. Santa Maria del Fiore

11. St. Denis

12. Compare: Brunelleschi and Palladio

13. Compare: Early, High, Late Italian


14. Italian Renaissance Palazzos

15. Compare English Gothic Cathedrals and

French Gothic Cathedrals

The format is as follows:

2 pages MAX for each topic.


Explanations IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Plagiarism (copy and paste) will result in the entire

assignment being thrown out and possible academic action.

APA 6 format

Citations properly formatted (lectures, outside sources NO Wikipedia)

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