Identify a clinical problem within the nurse’s practice setting related to patient care.

Identify a clinical problem within the nurse’s practice setting related to patient care.

In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) there are many opportunities for skin breakdown. Because the patients are babies unable to control their bodily function they wear diapers. As a result the babies are at risk for skin breakdown. This skin breakdown if left untreated may result in infection. Skin breakdown may also occur if the babies are not repositioned, infrequent changes of the oxygen saturation probe, and/or electrodes. However, the greatest risk for skin breakdown is diaper rash.

Develop a research question utilizing the PICO format.

The PICO format is a research method; which, stands for patient or population of interest, intervention, control or comparison, and outcome of Interest” (p. 1).

P – Skin breakdown in neonates

I – Frequent skin assessments, proper cleaning of skin with diaper changes, and placement of protective barrier/occlusive ointment.

C – Assessmentof skin,knowledge of prescribed medications (as some medications i.e. Ampicillin are irritating to the skin when excreted through waste), use of sterile water and gauze opposed to chemically treated baby wipes.

O – Decrease occurrence of skin breakdown and infection, reduce patient pain levels, and improve overall patient outcomes.

Determine how the research question could guide the nurse’s search of the literature to address the issue to implement a change in practice.

According to Yensen (2013), “once students or researchers have formulated a well-structured question, they are in a better position to search the literature f or sources and evidence in which to ground and support their original PICO question. (McKeon, & McKeon, 2015, p. 1).” In this instance the PICO format allows the research participants to clearly identify skin breakdown as the issue of concern. Furthermore, recognizing the possible causes of skin breakdown enables research on those causes including alternatives and interventions. Finally, understanding desired outcomes affords researchers the ability to test theories and monitor results for success.

Explain the benefits to interprofessional research collaboration to improve patient health outcomes.

The writer believes collaborative research is vital to the successful collection of information and implementation of changes to current practice.

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