Identify a professional or scholarly journal article that addresses

You have been hired as the vice president for operations for Intravalley Health. One of your first tasks is to educate the board of directors concerning the evolving nature of healthcare and how it impacts the health system.

Identify a professional or scholarly journal article that addresses

· Human resources specific to healthcare: physician relations, staff recruitment and retention, in-service training, policy making and enforcement, counseling and professional development, credentialing, or management.

Access, review, and integrate the findings of the journal article into a 7 page analysis of your topic. Your exploration should include background of the issue, relevant laws and regulations, and strategic and operational impacts on health services organizations.

The board of director consists of preeminent social scientists; therefore your report should be delivered in APA format, including an abstract and references. The page count pertains to the body of the paper only.

Some administrative notes:

· There is tendency to default to a hospital setting when considering issues in healthcare. You can examine other sectors such as long term care, palliative care, retail clinics, or community health centers.

· In order to provide a comprehensive assessment, the selected journal article should be supported (or refuted) by other scholarly sources.

· As you know from your Library Skills course, sources such as Time, Forbes, the Washington Post and other newspapers, while often useful information resources, would not be appropriate primary sources for this paper. As a general guideline, if you can find the resource at a magazine stand, it probably is not a professional journal. The articles you choose should be recent (last 5 years) and should be primary rather than secondary. (Please see the APA manual if you do not recall the difference.)

The research paper is my follow the six dimensions of critical thought; bloom’s theory. Below is an example of how the paper should be laid out and a brief explanation of what content should be in each section:

· Set your paper up using the required headers:

Cover page

Introduction Abstract

Knowledge Comprehension Application


Synthesis Evaluation:

These headers are required so that it is clear to the reader that you not only demonstrate each of the levels of critical thinking but that you know which ones you are demonstrating by doing so under the proper header. Do not combine headers. Show each dimension separately.

To keep you focused on applying critical thought rather than the typical essay format try the following:

Knowledge: “Here’s what I know about xxxxx after researching the most recent scholarly journals and articles.” Then show what you know or have come to know. Note whether this information is new to you, solidifies your preconceived notions or changes your knowledge set by introducing factors you had not considered. For the Org paper show that you clearly know the organization, how/why it is structured etc.

Comprehension: “Beyond knowing what the scholars are saying about xxxxx, I understand the following dynamics/complexities/intricacies about xxxxxx and the diversity of thought about the issues.” Expand beyond knowledge to understanding. A non healthcare example would be the difference between knowing the names of the planets vs understanding our galaxy.

Application: “To apply the principles from knowledge and comprehension of the issues I can transfer these concepts from theory to practice and demonstrating learning by applying them to a real life situation” Here is a case study that shows application or… is my application of xxxxx principles to a real life situation from my experience.”

Analysis: “ My cause and effect analysis is that zzzzzzz drives these issues. This is a root cause analysis” My comparative analysis shows that X compared to Y shows the similarities and differences in the issues. Knowing what causes or drives these issues deepens my understanding of “why” things exist as they do.

Synthesis: “After understanding these issues and the inherent problems I searched for a best practice. I found (citation) is considered a best practice/organizational structure in addressing these problems.” But even a best practice needs improvement. Therefore my new and unique idea, building on best practices, is to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” I researched to see if this is a new idea and whether it has been done/tried. It has/has not.

Evaluation: “Given my new idea of xxxxxxx. The possible benefits/pros of this idea are xxxxxxxxx. But this idea has some possible downsides as well. They are yyyyyyyyyyyyy. Additionally I anticipate that there may be some unintended consequences of my new idea. They might be xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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