Identify and explain the principal components of the policy process

The final paper should be approximately 8 pages in length (double-spaced) and should draw from at least 10 credible sources. You will pick one of the following discussion questions as your final paper. Please answer the question thoroughly. 1. Identify and explain the principal components of the policy process. Support your arguments with examples. 2. Explain the concepts of privatization and contracting out. What are the advantages and disadvantages of contracting out? 3. Describe the different approaches to public budgeting and what purpose do they serve? 4. Describe and evaluate the “merit principle” in the civil service system. 5. What is meant by “performance measurements”? Explain why the concept has become popular among public managers. 6. What is “bounded rationality” and how does this concept affect our understanding of managerial tasks? Provide your answer with examples. 7. Compare and contrast the “maximizing” and “satisficing” criteria in modeling the decision-making processes of managers. 8. Describe and critical evaluate the main components of the “New Public Management” movement.

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