. Identify (list) the two basic types of cells.

. Identify (list) the two basic types of cells.

2. Would you find proteins inside cells or cells inside proteins? (choose one answer)

3. What two things make osmosis a special type of diffusion?

4. What is a selectively permeable membrane? (Also called a semi-permeable membrane.)

5. Explain what happens to a cell when placed in isotonic, hypotonic and hypertonic solutions.

6. Explain the basic organization (main components) of a plasma membrane. Include at least 4 distinct parts.

7. 7. Identify (a) a similarity and (b) a difference between facilitated transport and active transport; do not state they both move substances across membranes.

8. What is an organelle? Which organelle is a processing, packaging and shipping center for proteins and lipids?

9. Where would you find the nucleolus? What happens there?

10. What is the role of the ribosome?

11. Which organelle digests macromolecules, worn out cell parts, debris and disease-causing microbes?

12. What structures are associated with cell movement?

13. What is the most significant difference in structure between rough and smooth ER? What type of macromolecule do each produce?

14. Which organelle makes ATP?

15. What is the most important product of cellular respiration?

16. List the three major steps in cellular respiration. (3 pts)

17. How does the body use the oxygen that we breathe? In other words, what is oxygen’s final function?

18. What ATP producing process occurs during anaerobic conditions?

19. Glucose enters cells from the blood stream by what type of transport?

20. What are the 4 major types of tissue? (List.)

21. What type of epithelial cells are found in the lining of the nose?

22. The skin is the major organ of the _____________ system. The top layer of the skin is called the ______________. (2 pts)

23. What organs are part of the nervous system? What does the system do for the body?

24. Which organ system consists of glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream?

25. List 3 organs found in the abdominal cavity.

26. Explain how a negative feedback mechanism differs from a positive feedback mechan

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