In this assignment you will select 2 TV shows. Both shows depict some sort of racism, classism,  privilege, oppression or stereotyping.

JRN 380 – Racism, Classism and Stereotyping in TV    Assignment:  In this assignment you will select 2 TV shows. Both shows depict some sort of racism, classism,  privilege, oppression or stereotyping. Find an example of a TV show that portrays these things  in a realistic to life manner. Find an example of a TV show that portrays these things in a  distorted manner. The shows may be currently airing/available on any network or online  service, or the shows can be from the past (perhaps some of your favorite shows as a child).     Each partner will watch/focus on one of the two TV shows. Both partners will work together to  compare/contrast the two shows. Partners will present their selected TV shows and their  findings to the class in a 5 minute presentation. Both must participate in presentation.     For each TV show you will watch at least one episode and record the following:

● Name of TV show, network airing show, date of airing? (if it’s not current, what year(s)  was the show aired?)

● Provide a general overview of the show (what’s it about? where/when does it take place,  etc.)

● Describe the intended audience of the show.   ● List the main characters in the show, including name and role playing  ● List roles played by minorities, including race, ethnicity, gender, etc.  ● Describe these roles and the significance of the roles in the show

○ Do roles played by minorities have less speaking parts in the show?   ○ Do minority characters have positions of power in the show?

● Are the character’s roles serving others? Who are they serving?   ● Is stereotyping depicted in the show? How?   ● Is there obvious privilege among the characters and throughout the show?  ● How is class depicted in the show?  ● Do you see any form of oppression depicted in the show? Describe.  ● Do you detect racism in the show? Describe how racism is portrayed.  ● Does the show represent reality?


● Review the information gathered from each of the TV shows.   ● Identify similarities and differences, including airing date/time, audience and each of

the data points listed above.  ● Describe the stereotyping, privilege, classism, oppression &/or racism you detected in

the shows. How and why are any of these part of the shows?  ● Does one show do a better job in each of the above areas than the other?   ● Why are above areas part of these shows? Are they necessary? Can the show be

successful without them?

● If a show does a good job of representing reality, does it include or address any of the  above areas?

● If you are the writer/producer, what changes would you make to the show to improve it  in the areas above?

You will hand in written portion of assignment, which will include listing of information  gathered while watching the selected TV show. You will draft in essay form the  compare/contrast of the two TV shows.    Your presentation of the two TV shows should include an introduction of the show, brief  overview of the findings for each show, and an overall summary explaining your  compare/contract assessment. As part of presentation, you will present on screen the two TV  shows with screenshot of each. You may use clips from the episodes to highlight your findings  and points. Presentation = 5 min    Upload your findings and essay to BB.   Assignment = 75 points  Due date: Tues., April 3 – presentations in class, papers uploaded to Bb by midnight.

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