Information and Literature Review

Information and Literature Review (5pages) • Purpose: Presents facts and information from outside sources on the topic of your project. This is a topical presentation from your formal research of what others have written and developed on the subject and identified key issues of your subject. It will cover a minimum of a twenty-five sources of different types (not just from the Internet), and demonstrate an ability to discover and summarize the key research that has been done in this area. Use sources from a wide variety of sources and several perspectives in order to present a balanced view, including internet searches, articles and information retrieved from OCLS sources, personal interviews and email queries, prior coursework/texts (if available), etc. The review should utilize transitions and summary thoughts in your own words, not be made up of just a series of quotes, etc., and must be presented in a logical sequence. Any direct quotes from sources must be within quotation marks and properly cited. Any paraphrased information from an outside source must be properly cited, as well. Follow APA format for research citations. As this is a capstone project, you will include in your research cited information, as applicable, from at least six of the eleven prior coursework topics included in your MBA program: coursework list 1. Applied Management Theory 2. Ethics and Legal Aspects of Management 3. Decision Making and Essential Business Communication 4. Human Resources Management 5. Accounting and Finance for Managers 6. Economic Analysis for Managers 7. Marketing for Management 8. Organizational Behavior 9. Global Management 10. Leadership and Organizational Change 11. Business Strategy and Policy

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