Innovative Nursing Care Delivery Models

WRITE paper on Innovative Nursing Care Delivery Models
a) See the PDF file:
Norlander, L. (Ed.). Transformational models of nursing across different care settings. Washington, DC: National Academy of Sciences.
This paper describes a variety of innovative or “transformational” models in nursing care across different care settings. Since the students in this course currently work or have worked in many different health care settings (acute, community, armed services), the focus of your paper will be on the ONE of the following areas of health care (NOTE: Ignore nursing education/curriculi):
? Acute Care
? Chronic Care
? Palliative and End of Life Care
? Community Health
? School Health
b) Choose ONE of the listed (bulleted) health care areas above that are described in the paper and read the descriptions about innovative or “transformational” models of nursing care that have been established for that selected care setting. NOTE: Many of the models in the paper are described in more detail in other journal articles. You may want to do a literature search if you are interested in learning more about a particular model.
c) Think of your own health care setting (your unit, clinic, etc,). This is your chance to adapt a innovative/transformational model for your current work setting, and/or combine two or more models described in the paper for a new model, and/or develop a completely new model. For example, the Agile Team Model is described in the acute care setting. How would you adapt it to your current setting–or would you completely scrap it for a “new” model in your setting? Think “out of the box.” Choose a name for your model. NOTE: If you are not currently working as an RN, choose a clinical setting you worked in as a student or veteran.
i. PAPER HEADING: Description of the [Name of Your Model]. Describe the model as it will be incorporated into your work setting and/or community. Health care organizations and communities are unique and adaptations would be required depending on the organizational or community setting. In describing your model, how would you incorporate
the following common themes? These themes are crucial to meet the challenges of the future:
a. Nurse Led and Nurse Managed Health Care
b. Partnerships & Collaboration
c. Continuity of Care Across Settings
d. Technology
Always consider cost-effectiveness; you could develop the “Cadillac” of models, but no one would consider implementing it because the cost would be too high.
ii. PAPER HEADING: Development/Implementation Team for the [Name of Your Model]. Organize a team. Who would you select to be on your team to develop and implement the model (titles, not names). What would each of the team members do in your model–how would they be integrated into your model? What is their unique role? Again–think about the cost effectiveness–could ancillary staff be used just as effectively?
iii. PAPER HEADING: Evaluation of [Name of Your Model]: Outcome Measurement. Evaluate. After implementation of the model, what outcomes would you measure and how and when would you measure those outcomes? Look at the outcomes that were measured in other models. Would you look at cost comparisons and/or savings? Patient satisfaction? Staff satisfaction? Fewer ER visits and/or re-hospitalizations?
4) Use the above headings in your paper. In-text citations and a reference list MUST be found in your paper. See the Nursing Student Writing Guidelines Checklist for APA formatting.
5) EVALUATION: Paper: Innovative Nursing Care Delivery (750 words min) Critical Thinking Skills/Content Development/Organization (60%): Innovative Nursing Care Model; Development/Implementation Team for Innovative Nursing Care Model; Evaluation of Model: Outcome Measurement

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