Integrated Article Review Requirements

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Integrated Article Review Requirements

The review should be 3–4 pages in length, 12-point font, Times New Roman font, and double-spaced. The page count does not include the title page, tables, graphics, or reference pages. In addition, submit the final copy as a .DOC or .PDF. This paper is in APA format.

Additional Details

You must select three peer-reviewed journal articles ( to read and analyze. These articles must cover a topic that relates to project management within the supply chain sector; consider theories, concepts, tools, and techniques to achieve organizational success, profitability, and maintaining the competitive advantage. You will take the main points, concepts, or themes from each of these articles and integrate them into one paper. The paper is not a literature review and should not be a simple listing of each article. These articles must be from peer-reviewed journal articles (do not use trade magazines, books, newspapers, and similar.) If you are unfamiliar with what constitutes a peer-reviewed journal article, check within Evans Library for resources
These articles cannot be any older than six years old. Your articles need relevant and current data
The articles must be found within the Evans library databases (not a website) (
The three articles must be sourced and cited within the paper
No more than 15% of your paper should be from direct quotes
The 3–4 page paper must be arranged as a single-read with paragraph transitions (do not simply discuss each article and paste it together as your paper)
The paper does not require an Abstract or Executive Summary
The page count does not include the title page, tables, graphics, or reference pages
All sources must be cited in APA format within the reference page and in-text citations
Submit your paper to the digital drop box in the classroom (it will be submitted through to identify plagiarism issues)
Some areas of focus for your article review: (These are the minimal areas to discuss)
Why did you select the articles?
What are the reasons for the research?
What concepts are discussed and how do they relate to your weekly class topic?
Do you agree/disagree with the author’s hypotheses?
Any assumptions within the articles?
Your conclusions?
Any additional data you find relevant to the topic?
I have included 4 peer review articles to pull information from and apply to paper

Due within 12 hours


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