Internally displaced people in Nigeria: Aid received and prospects for mental health and psychological well-being among women and children

As it stands now, it is written in such general terms that it is very
unclear what you actually want to do. The topic is far too broad. The
methodology is unspecified. You have to keep in mind that this is a
doctoral programme in Developmental Psychology, and thus, the
methodology has to be psychological. That means in practical terms,
using questionnaires and quantitative data. Interviews may certainly be
included, but even then, you’ll have to strive for hard data that may
be analysed statistically. You will have to make a completely new start
and learn everything from the beginning. It won’t be easy, but it is

The idea was to study internally displaced people in Nigeria. But it
will have to be more specified than that. More exactly, which group
will be your target group, and how will you get in contact with them?
How will you sample them? What will be your research questions? Why are
these questions interesting enough to publish?

I suggest that you could focus for instance on WOMEN and CHILDREN.
Their psychological well-being, mental health. Factors that might
enhance their well-being; some internally displaced people may live in
camps, others in other conditions, and so on. You might compare one
group living in certain conditions, another living in other
conditions, and then compare them. You may look at different types of
aid that they receive, and whether it makes a difference.

First you will have to find out what has been written about internally
displaced people in the literature so far. Without a good grasp of the
literature, you won’t be able to pose good questions. So, use Google
Scholar, suitable keywords, and make searches. There is lots of work to
do before you will be ready to ask the best research questions.

As you can see, there is still much to do before your plan will be

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