interpretations, perspectives and ideas) have been informed by the literature that you have cited.

The essay must be between 1,800 and 2,000 words (excluding any citations, references, tables, figures and charts).

The essay title is:
To what extent do you agree that security management is the most important, yet most undervalued function in most modern organisations? Use theory, evidence and examples to support your answer.

You can decide how best to approach the essay topic. For example, you may decide to focus on security management in one particular industry/sector (e.g., healthcare, energy, retail, etc.), and/or you may decide to concentrate solely on specific types of security threats (e.g., cybercrime, terrorism, etc.).

You can also decide how best to structure your essay. For example, you may wish to create sections with headings (e.g., ‘The importance of security management’, ‘Understanding how security management is valued’, etc.) or you may prefer to stick to a more traditional essay format by using a continuous dialect.

Whatever approach and structure you choose, you must ensure that:
 Your essay directly answers the essay question, and
 The first/introductory paragraph of your essay clearly explains how you will approach and
structure your response to the essay question, and
 The last paragraph summarises your findings and conclusions.
Some general advice for the essay:
 Develop your answer based on the information you have gathered from a range of sources –
do not just rely on the information contained in one or two sources.
 Ensure that you demonstrate that your understanding of the topic has developed beyond
the information contained in the lecture slides.
(situation crime&terrorism ,fraud&corruption,organised crime, psychology of security…)

 Where appropriate, try to be both critical and comparative of the sources that you cite.
 When arriving at conclusions, make sure that it is clear how your conclusions (i.e., your
interpretations, perspectives and ideas) have been informed by the literature that you have
 Be clear and accurate in your writing style (asking a friend or peer to proof-read your essay
prior to submission may prove valuable)

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