Interpreter analysis section 2

Interpreter analysis section 2
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2. Within Islamic scholarship.
In the following sections, key ideas that emerged from Islamic scholarship literature will be discussed in relation to gifted education.
The major themes that derived from Islamic scholarship literature,
(1) Knowledge, (2) Intellect and Intelligence, (3) Wisdom, (4) Spiritual and education, (5) Emotional and education, (6) Moral and education.
Interpreter analysis:
“Use a long discussion, to discuss, the following major themes that derived from Islamic scholarship literature view:
(1) Knowledge
(2) Intellect and Intelligence,
(3) Wisdom, in Islamic context, especially from Al-Ghazali thought.
(4) Spiritual and education.
(5) Emotional and education.
(6) Moral and education.
Discussion way, for example:
Regarding to the theme” concepts”, are the scholars thought about that theme similar or deferent, if they deferent why they deferent? What we learn from that to gifted education?
Note, the constructions of writing with each theme should be like the following:
1. Introduction First, one or 2 paragraphs introduction about the theme will be discussing.
2. Discussion: the discussion 4 pages.
3.Conclusion: one up to 2 paragraphs about the out comes from this the discussion, for gifted education in Islamic context time.
70% of the information you will need for the discussion you will find in the “Islamic scholar literature view”, also you need to find another information from other sources, for the analyzing, reasons, link…. etc
Throw the Interpreter analysis remember, to stay within these circles only:
1. Trying to explain why their opinions, thought about gifted education similar or different, what we learn from that to gifted education now, using historical lens.
2. The interest of most of the themes: knowledge, intelligence, wisdom…etc have been started at Greek scholars, and developed over time up to Modern time, considering two shifting time:
2.1. From Greek era to Islamic scholars, Farabi, Alghazali ….etc mention this shifting in one paragraph only in this section.
2.2. From Islamic scholars to western scholars, Thomas Aquinas, mention this shifting in one paragraph only in this section.
3. Always refer and related to the literature view, and to the thesis objective which is “gifted education”.

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